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Lady Ice

What did people think of the recipes?

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The recipes are a great symbol of the glue holding the story together for me so far.  In Appalachia having a meal, with your family no matter how rough times might be, symbolizes the glue that keeps everyone together.  A nice meal creates "normalcy" in the face of adversity.

How does a good recipe annoy you while reading a book? Hint, just turn the page.

I'm only at 5 chapters though and I usually read darker thrillers. So, I'm waiting for something but reminding myself this is a memoir.

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Rodgers    0

The recipes to me were interesting. Loved how they related to the chapter & did read them. I hope to try a few. Now once she got into the goat milk I just glanced at them . I have read novels where recipes were included & enjoyed them as well.

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