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Adam Sockel


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Adam Sockel    33

This discussion board is meant to be an open discussion among Big Library Read participants from around the world. You are welcome to share your thoughts and honest opinions. You also are free to create any topics you wish to discuss that pertain to the reading program, the book itself or similar ideas.

A few things to note before posting:

  • OverDrive will monitor the discussion board and remove any content that is inappropriate or rude. You are welcome to share your opinions but please remain respectful.
  • The title chosen was selected through a popular vote of OverDrive users. OverDrive does not select the Big Library Read book. If you wish to participate in future voting you can sign up for our weekly newsletters here: https://www.overdrive.com/account/sign-up?utm_source=Call to Action&utm_medium=On-page Link&utm_content=Header Link&utm_campaign=User Registrations
  • The author may pop into the discussion board from time to time. You're welcome to ask questions and leave comments for her throughout the discussion boards, though there is no guarantee she will answer all of them. 
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CityGal    0


So glad I found this board. Look forward to future book selections and the corresponding discussions.

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