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  1. If you come up with vegetarian replacement I'd love to hear it as I to am a vegetarian
  2. Hi Vlondhe- We do 3 Big Library Read programs each year and the next one will be this summer. My recommendation would be to borrow the book and save any recipes you'll want to bake in the future. Even if you don't plan to bake anything just yet, I'm sure you'll find loads of wonderful ideas for the future.
  3. This is the perfect place to start! If you download Art of the Pie, you'll find Kate's pie recipe in the first few chapters!
  4. This looks incredible!
  5. I feel the EXACT same way! I made a pumpkin pie with her crust this weekend and it's MARCH! Our diets may all be in trouble.
  6. I totally agree about the Pot Pie- I will admit to being lazy and using puff pastry for crust in the past
  7. The recipes that Kate offers up are fantastic but I'm curious to know, as you look through and try recipes: what are some ingredients you're swapping out and why? It could be a food allergy, to make something healthier, to change the consistency or even just personal preference.
  8. There are so many awesome recipes in this book! I almost don't know where to start... So I'm curious- What recipe are you most excited to try out?