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  1. Errors

    I was more interested in the characters than the errors.I decided to focus on the sisters, Janie and Liza who have a close relationship and look out for each other.Janie shows her compassion and strength when she helps Nat once she realizes he is ill.She overcomes her own discomfort and embarrassment when she brings him to her room and says that he is her husband.I believe that she shows more courage than her female counterparts in "P&P". By choosing Wyomingas the setting, the author helps to create more complex female characters who are able to look after themselves and others when necessary.I also liked the fact that Rob's sister is a sheriff, showing a more modern characterization of female characters who are not "damsels in distress " but intelligent and capable.
  2. First Library Big Read

    I didn't like the idea of a western novel either but it is interesting to see how the author uses Victorian type values in a western setting.Mrs Bennett is trying to find a suitable. husband for her daughter in much the same way that the Mrs Bennet of Pride and Prejudice did.However, her daughters are not as compliant or obedient as their predecessors were.Janie disobeys her mother and rides the horse to visit her neighbour.
  3. ..in both novels there is an importance placed on proper behaviour between members of the opposite sex. eg, Jannnie was worried about being rescued by a male when she was wearing only her under things even though her life was in danger. Liza . worried about her mother finding out about her and Jannie spending the night at Rob's ranch when. there was no chaperone present.Proper conduct ,morals and appearances are also common themes in Pride and Prejudice .
  4. 1st book club

    I am also looking forward to discussing the book with other readers.