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  1. Books

    Hi Rita , i have had an Overdrive account for a few years now and I really enjoy reading books on my ipad.Ialso enjoy these discussions online .Thanks to Overdrive for providing this service.
  2. I agree , Marion.I like your insight regarding the human fraility of the characters in this book.Life is complicated .
  3. Is the author a "better person" in the end?

    I think that writing about her life may have helped her to become more objective about it.The online discussion probably helped her to see the error of her ways too.
  4. Lots of misinformation

    To err is human....
  5. Judging too harshly?

    I guess that is their opinion and they have the right to express it in a discussion group.I think that the author and her husband are intelligent people and are well aware of the mistakes they made and don't need to be reminded or shamed.
  6. Moral Compass and Criminal Choices

    At least they have admitted to their crime.It is up to the American justice system to judge them and to punish them and so far they have not.They will probably be paying them back for the rest of their lives.
  7. good book

    I enjoyed parts of the book.I liked Jennifer's honesty about her financial situation and her marriage.Despite their differences and difficulties, they worked together to survive . I admired their tenacity to endure in a harsh environment and also to be able to see the absurdity of their situation ( such as the snake and rodents that invaded their space).Both Jennifer and David seemed to take pleasure in raising the goats and she researched it well.
  8. Moral Compass and Criminal Choices

    Perhaps if you read it like it is fiction ,it won't bother you so much.It is their story.
  9. Author participation?

    I think that it makes it more interesting that the author is participating .I read one of her responses in which she was sensitive to criticism of her behaviour but also admitted to her faults.She is open and honest about her mistakes and failings in the book.
  10. Recipe share!

    I would like to try the soap too.
  11. Mice (& worse) In The House

    I agree about critters in the house ie hthey are not welcome!Rats are disgusting!I think that I would be a nervous wreck if I lived in that house.The goats sound cute though (and the dog).
  12. Goat sex and taxes

    I live in Canada and I don't know how anyone could get away with not paying income tax.Jennifer and David are imperfect like most people.Perhaps they could pay some of their debts with the proceeds from her book if it is successful! Although she repeats herself at times and dwells on other issues, she is not afraid to reveal her faults and her vulnerability.I believe that helps the reader to understand her and feel some empathy towards her.We all make mistakes.." To err is human".
  13. Soothing audio

    I don't care for the audio books.I prefer to use my imagination for the voices of the characters.However I agree that it would probably make me drowsy and aid in sleeping.
  14. What did people think of the recipes?

    I was not interested in the receipts and skipped over them.I am more interested in reading and writing than I am in cooking.I found that it was a source of distraction.
  15. First Husband Scott

    I hope that he is not abusing another woman and has seemed counselling.