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  1. Too excited!

    Yes nice meeting all of you as well!! I felt the same exact was Meredith and now Ive read 74% of the book and I hate to put it down when I have to charge my device. I hope to finish it today..although I shouldnt have checked the discussion page til after I've finished because now it seems as people are discussing the relationships I was hoping and still hoping for😊😞 but anyways it is a good read and I am very glad I decided to read it..GREAT WORK LACY
  2. Too excited!

    I'm excited to read this book! I wasn't going to read it until I read the description because I am always reading too many books at one time, however this book's description hooked me and so I'm hoping it'll be one that I can't put down! This will be my 2nd Big library read that I'm participating in and I really enjoy being part of something like this especially the discussion part of it and I really enjoy and think that it's awesome that the author gets involves and answers questions.. happy reading everyone!!