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  1. Love all these comments on the differences between the original and this retelling. One thing you have probably noticed is that Cowboy Pride is much shorter than P&P. Because of the length, I had to reduce some characters (poor Mary!) & subplots. I can't wait to see what else you notice!
  2. Questions for the author

    It was a boy ("baby William" in chapter 19), but I just noticed a typo toward the end of the book that calls the baby a "she". Even with proofreaders, I don't always get it done perfectly!
  3. Questions for the author

    It was what felt most natural as I wrote it.
  4. Questions for the author

    Hi, Loretta! Romances and westerns are definitely considered more "commercial" than "literary". I believe Big Library Read wanted to do a "romance and mystery" theme for this summer's read, which I find fun since that is more my genre. :):) If you participated in the voting, you know that the nominated books for July were all more commercial than literary. I hope most readers will find the book enjoyable, but some probably won't. And that's okay. After my first few books, I stopped trying to please everyone. I don't read negative reviews anymore.
  5. Questions for the author

    I would love to take questions on this book! Can't wait to find out what you think of it.