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  1. Made 2 batches of pie crust this morning and will be making a Peach Berry Pie this evening. I also promised a Berry Pie to my High School Girls group. Thinking Troy will want a Blueberry Pie for his birthday April 3rd. After that I am limiting pies to two per month and special occasions!
  2. Has anyone else listened to the "heart beat" of their pie? I heard it with my Sour Cherry Pie! This was something I had not heard or read about before Kate's book.
  3. Is pie one of your family traditions? What was the pie you grew up eating on special occasions? We grew up eating pecan and true mincemeat (made with venison) on Thanksgiving. Everyday pie was apple as we had apple trees on our farm.
  4. I plan to try making it in my food processor next.
  5. Yes, there is plenty of time in 10 days to bake a pie! Your co-workers will love you.
  6. Adam is correct, this is the perfect book to get started baking pies with homemade crust. The narrative is easy and fun to read as Kate takes you through pies and life. Here's my finished pie - made from scratch crust just finishes it off to perfection!
  7. I initially checked out this book for my hubby, Troy. He makes the best lemon icebox pie (his mother's recipe), but he wanted to try a home-made crust. I was a farm girl and we made everything from scratch so it wasn't too high on my list of "childhood pleasures" to renew. So, I spoke with my mother and sisters to see what recipe they used and we settled on my mother's recipe. Once we made crust from scratch there was no going back! I loved it and now it is a special pleasure for Troy & me. My 3 childhood pleasures that I have renewed in my "older" years are quilting, canning & home-made pie making. What are yours? BTW - Troy's lemon icebox pie was our "wedding cake" and each year on our anniversary there is sure to be one waiting in the "icebox".
  8. I am just excited that we are talking about this book! I read the hardcover and am now using my tablet as a recipe book in my kitchen - never thought I'd do that! Yesterday I made Kate's pie crust and this evening I will make her sour cherry pie with lattice crust. I am a bit worried about gaining 10 pounds in these next 2 weeks! Took the easy way out and skipped the lattice - a challenge for another day.