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  1. I agree with MDMama. Though, I enjoyed the book in a “how stupid can they be?” kind of way, I have to admit I wondered the same thing. We pay our bills, socked money away to send our daughter to school, and didn’t buy the biggest house we could get a loan for. When my brother ended up owing back taxes because he signed the returns his (now ex) wife prepared without reviewing them, I felt he brought the penalty on himself. Perhaps not very charitable, but I did. Still, at least he and the ex submitted returns! I understand them coming to the point where they just live day to day, but not how they got to that point The author’s husband was a CPA! I can’t believe he was even able to find work as an accountant after such an error. Of course, that seemed to end, so maybe his financial faux pas was the reason. One more thing: I couldn’t believe it when she said she hadn’t been a good friend to Denise, but that Denise hadn’t been a good friend to her either. I think maybe they should stay in the woods. Next book, please.