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  1. OMG! The WHINING!

    I am actually a grief counselor and it would have been better for the writer to express grief or some emotion other than surprise and irritation over what happened. Maybe it is the writing itself which is breezy that is the problem here. But I was unable to connect to any depth gained from this experience. Even the end, when she talks about her grandmother! It was hard for me to feel her grief which most likely IS a deeply felt part of her story. It may be that the superficial style of writing is why so many of feel that she is whining.
  2. Goat sex and taxes

    I think one of the problems with this book is that her emotional reactions to events does not come through. I am a grief counselor and was unmoved by her account of her grief experiences. This may be more a result of poor writing than a lack of emotion on her part but a memoir should express the story and the emotion. I grant that she may not be as oblivious as she seems; it may just be how she writes about it. Or doesn’t write about it...
  3. Cabin in the woods

    No. Just no. I would not mind baking my own bread again, cooking things but no to the shambles, no to the holes in the roof, no to the snakes and the mud and no WiFi and the dirt and the animals. Just no, not for me. And no to an accountant/husband who doesn’t pay taxes. if I were in that position, I would have gone in to the workforce, used the masters degree to get a well paid job. Downsized for sure, but at least to something that was sturdy, clean and heated.
  4. I was drawn in by the title and then seriously irritated by the lack of responsibility of the protagonists. I kept reading through the choppy writing, hoping for insight, growth, some kind of awakening but was disappointed. So they lost everything which was sad but their own fault, and then they went to live in a shack? She left her husband with one of the dogs and no regrets but then she went back? I am sorry they have had a rough time but so have many others and I ended up feeling bored by the writing and annoyed by the continued lack of responsible choices. and the ending - it just stopped. I usually like books with recipes but this one was boring and why were they always drinking fancy beers when they had no money? just because she is a writing teacher does not mean that she didn’t need a really good editor. It might have helped. Midway into the book I thought of getting it for my sister because she has goats. But she is also a journalist, writer, English major and the book was so poorly written I won’t buy it for her. The only saving grace was that it was a library book and therefore, was free.
  5. Whew! It’s not just me! You have hit upon the reason this book fails - no growth or learning seems to take place other than how to use up all that whey. How can a person cavalierly not pay taxes, lose their house and move from comfort into tumbledown mud without expressing any personal responsibility? I hated the abrupt drop off ending but was glad to be done with it.
  6. OMG! The WHINING!

    This book is written in a choppy way and I could not wrap my mind around the author’s obliviousness to the conditions in her life, both to what brought her and her husband to such financial devastation AND their rough circumstances in the woods. My sister has lots of goats and just started making goat cheese so i enjoyed the goat stories. I generally like books that have recipes but I will never make any of these so it was not as interesting, I don’t really understand why this book was chosen.