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  1. Loved it. I posted more thoughts in another thread, but basically - I found many themes repeating throughout the book: about making choices (both good and bad) and learning to accept consequences; about the connections we make and which ones are important in the end; about failures and successes and especially about our perceptions of failure and success... Favorite line in the book: "She knew you could make mistakes and get past them and that you could forgive the people you loved for doing the same." (last page, pretty well sums things up for me). Second favorite line: "You drive; I'll ride in the back with the possum" Thank you for a great read!!
  2. OMG! The WHINING!

    Wow, I saw this totally differently -- I get what folks say about the 'whining' and the "but I was the victim here" kind of thing, only I saw it as describing how she had felt at the time. I felt that the book was written from the perspective of history, after she had changed that perception through growth and experiences, and come to realize and accept that she was indeed responsible for her own life and for her own choices in the past (as are we all).
  3. I (finally) had time to sit down and read the book, and I'd like to thank the library for hosting this group read. I don't know if I would have come across this particular book at a store or library had it not stared me down every time I signed in to the online library; it's not exactly the genre I typically read but I'm very glad that I did. I'm planning to buy a hardcopy that I can share with several friends that I think will like it also. I enjoyed this book even more than I thought I would, and that's saying something because it sounded good from the description. There was so much to it on so many levels and so many timescales, but it all flowed together really well. I found it to be a book about good choices and bad choices, and consequences. About births and deaths and rebirths. About connections - connections to ancestors, to the land under our feet, to our memories, and most importantly to the present. About failures and successes, and finding out what you can really do when you have to. About seeing things in perspective. Well, and a lot more, but that's what comes to mind right now. This isn't your basic superficial, funny, light-hearted memoir - there's real substance here. I loved it. Thank you for sharing this with the community.