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  1. There is a comment in this forum made by the author in which she states she hopes she has learned "a little something about being a better person" from this experience. After reading the book, do you see evidence of this?
  2. Is it good ? No spoilers!!!

    I deeply disliked this book. This was made more disappointing by the fact that I really tried to like it. I'm kind of fascinated by the comments of those who enjoyed it--it's as if we were reading entirely different books. (None of the comments made by those who enjoyed the book could convince me to ever, ever, ever like any part of the book)
  3. Lots of misinformation

    I could not finish this book. It was poorly written (simplistic style, elementary thought processes....) and ultimately, it's amazing the combination of the author's incredibly boring, selfish personality with her self-absorption did not somehow cause her to utterly cease to exist. I'm so mad I wasted time on any of this, and so vindicated that (judging from other comments/"spoilers") my assessment of the book (that it sucked) was correct. This book was a terrible choice for publication, much less for something like a "big library read". Sheesh.
  4. Judging too harshly?

    I disagree with your assessment that comments made by others are too judgemental. The thoughts and opinions of those who do not like the book, the author, the stories presented, etc. are relevant to the discussion of the book. Additionally, suffering domestic abuse does not grant immunity from scrutiny.