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  1. OMG! The WHINING!

    Agreed. At first, I was into this book and felt the author was almost describing my life. But after about 3/4 of the way through, the constant whining about all the sacrifices she had to endure while drinking artisan beer gazing at the waterfall on her property, she lost me as a reader. You can only blame others for your misfortune for so long before those around you start tuning you out.
  2. I get it

    Me too. Although the author & her husband had an upper middle class lifestyle in the beginning, while my husband & I had barely just pulled ourselves up out the working class where we born into the lower middle class before the housing bubble crash, the majority of what she writes about is my life. Started out having children with an abusive first husband (except I didn't have wealthy parents to help me to escape) to finding a good man that accepted my past, me & my children to both of us working hard to get our part of the elusive 'American Dream' (back when people still thought that was actually possible), to returning to college to get my degree and a career late in life, to getting ensnared with Wells Fargo and suffering a lot of unforeseen medical crisis which resulted in both of us being labeled as walking preexisting conditions and being leveraged out of the healthcare market with premiums higher than our monthly income. I totally get it. This is a mirror of my life and many others like me that belong to the 'sandwich generation.' We were raised to believe that the American Dream was real because it was real for the generation before us and somewhere, somehow, our foundation shifted out from under us.