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  1. I liked the goats more than the people

    When you are in such dire circumstances,you DO NOT get yourself in deeper buying animals you know nothing about. Selfish and stupid. I dispise people like this. The animals are the ones to suffer. She wants to make cheese!? That's important at this point in their lives!? How about paying your taxes like the rest of us. I'm boggled by all the shear stupidity. I had goats. They are amazing animals and a lot of work as any other living creature. Never found the ones that "wandered away". Very responsible idiots.
  2. Milking goats

    As a former homesteader(had to sell our farm because of severe health issues) I had a family background in being able to garden and care for animals and home can. My husband came from a fairy farming family in very rough circumstances. We built our own place raised animals,successfully and produced maple syrup. Yup,things go wrong,there sometimes are no ways to avoid it. I learned to milk from my husband who grew up living on a farm. This was his life. He can do just about anything. Unless you have proper facilities and have someone to mentor you(who actually knows what they're talking about)milking goats is not easy. Yup,know what I'm talking about, had a variety of them who were all rescued. These people are just are self indugent dopes.
  3. What did people think of the recipes?

    If perhaps there were just a couple. Not a constant stream. Looks like there was always money for drinks and food. It also filled in empty space.
  4. Lots of misinformation

    This book popped up on my library site. I had never seen this before. Thought I would try it. If this is a memoir,I would be Horrified,humiliated and embarrassed. I truly hope a lot of this is just a "story". She sounds like a privileged cry baby blaming everyone except herself. Private schools!? Lots of drinking going on at all points of the book. What's with recipes ?! Who cares. The blame seems to fall in the husband and she is just "clue less". When you have a lot of wants and don't want to pay,well... Bad things happen. How the Hell do you not pay taxes all that time and then get mad!?. She packs up and takes one dog and moved to take care of her needs. Fools around with some guy,goes out with new friends and continually takes no responsibility. Wow. Then as usual,people that have no way to care for themselves get more animals they know nothing about. I just love the ignorance. Again,they read about caring for redwood creatures by reading from a Storey book. Anyone who is familiar with these little booklets knows they are considered a quick guide for various subjects,not a comprehensive authority. What a couple of complete dummies. She wants to make cheese. Go buy some milk. NOT buying goats for those ridiculous prices from crazy people,but they're pretty nuts,so it fits. I can picture what this place looks like. A falling down dump. I hope the money she's getting from this "book" goes to pay the back taxes. I could care less about the circumstances they got themselves into ,but what about their kids and animals!? I'll just get where they lived in the nice house the neighbors were pissed. I'm sure it was delightful to have them next door. She took the kitchen stools!? Broke into a house that was in foreclosure!? Holy crap!. Then wants forgiveness from the "friends" they did this to? These are the kind of people that I call toxic and avoid like the plague.