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  1. I was so excited to participate in my first big read, but what a thin first read. There’s no insight here: it starts with walking away from responsibilities, refusing to pay the mortgage to friends because “everyone says you shouldn’t if you are going to lose the house”, and then a book report about goat husbandry. Where is the insight and arc of personal growth that is essential for a good memoir? Where is the weaving of relationship impacts created by the author’s choices? Instead, I found myself angry when reading the author’s “well it just happened” rationales. And THEN I questioned the choices: how could their kids still go to college? Why did this family sto paying the mortgage so they could stockpile some money to fix up the cabin? Why didn’t they get side hustle jobs &/or sell firewood and honey &/or get into return to work programs? Why on earth would the author think it’s fine to owe the government hundreds of thousands of dollars but then enroll in an MFA program? I found the author’s choices curiously, selfishly myopic and completely outside what I’d consider responsible and realistic. For insight into this kind of person, the book is valuable. I can’t believe these are real adults. I don’t know ANYONE like this. For story quality, author’s self insight and reader self insight this book was lacking. Better to go with An Unknown Woman, Glennon Doyle or even any of AJ Jacobs’ books. For financial repercussions of bad choices and digging yourself out, it’s lacking. Do Dave Ramsey. Heck, it even lacks compelling animal stories. For those, do James Herriott or Marley and Me Such a disappointment There’s no ‘there’ in there