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  1. Do you think they added anything to the book? They were annoying at times but seemed to fit with the author’s assertion that cooking was an escape for her.
  2. Is it good ? No spoilers!!!

    I found the descriptions of the farming quite soothing- maybe because the animals were more sympathetic! It does seem to romanticise poverty, with both author and husband sticking their heads in the sands about the money situation. Are they really rejecting the comfort of money or are they farming as a distraction from their reality?
  3. For better or for worse ...

    She does say that before the farming she was doing what other people wanted her to do and what she thought would make her happy, whereas she actually wanted the simple life.
  4. Do you like the main character?

    I feel that had the book just skimmed over their brokeness and just focused on the farming, it would have been a lot more interesting. Whilst I felt sorry for her, I didn’t particularly like her as a character. With the finance stuff, I don’t think her burying your head in the sand approach is uncommon although it didn’t feel like she’d learnt her lesson there.