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  1. OMG! The WHINING!

    Well, the writing is nothing to write home about for a start. I really, really love goats and back-to-the-country stories, so was quite looking forward to this. The amount of bellyaching she does about situations that were caused by her own negligence and denial is quite unbelievable. The amount of sheer good fortune she has had, since with her ignorance *everything* living was in grave danger of dying, is also unbelievable. She's obviously mentally lazy as she keeps complaining that she doesn't understand 'numbers' and 'science' and blaming a lot of her mistakes on that "fact" - but she can follow a complicated cookery recipe with lots of numbers and science with no problem. So I guess it's what you choose. Some of her research was really shoddy too. Such as her statement about mixing hot lard to make soap having been the most difficult/dangerous part of soap making for pioneer women. Well, no . . . The most difficult and dangerous part was making the lye, which didn't come ready made in cans back in the day. She seems to believe that ready-made lye was available off the ark. How on earth did Overdrive pick this piece of junk for a Big Library Read??