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  1. Milking goats

    It’s not the milking that’s hard- it’s getting the milk from udder to bucket without manure, hair, etc. there’s a bit more to it than just squeezing the teat! Lol
  2. It had me at “goats”!

  3. It had me at “goats”!

    Like one of our other readers, I only read this because I’d never heard of Big Library Read and I raise goats! A lot of readers are bashing the author and while I don’t agree with many of the author’s choices, it is her story as she chooses to portray it. I’m married and not “in charge” of paying the bills, but I certainly do know what our finances are, what we can afford, and what our tax return looks like! After all, we all have to sign our returns - how did she not notice for so many years? Appears very irresponsible and a little too “helpless”to me! and I think that irresponsibility shows throughout the book. Want some cheese? Go buy a goat. Wait. You don’t have the correct enclosure? Oopsie. Too bad. Guess that goat and her baby we’re somebodys dinner. But never mind. It wasn’t our fault. We’ll go buy more. Going to raise chickens? Don’t know what we’re and they all die? Oops. Not our fault. Need a break from life? Take it a loan and leave your family to go back to school, JUST FOR YOU. I would hope that the book is a very limited view of what really went on in this couple’s life and wish them the very best. that said, I look forward to another big library read in the future!