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  1. The story is abut a couple who were used to living in a good economy. The trouble is that they didn't have contingency plans for ' what if' scenarios. I went through the very same thing. There was no reason to believe that my husband would become ill and do something out of character and then not know how to fix it. The husband hadn't thought that one day the economic downturn would ever effect him or his family. He tried to fix it in a panic, not in a well thought out sensible way. He was not thinking Ike an accountant or a criminal. He didn't intentionally forget to pay his tax, he thought that he could pay it when things improved. So he borrowed money that he couldn't pay back and got into even worse trouble. The mother had never had to live anywhere but in a nice clean warm house. She didn't have to economize with food or clothing. She wanted the best for her children and so sent them to an expensive school and made sure that they had every thing she felt that they needed to succeed. When she found out that her husband had borrowed money without telling her she was angry and hurt. He assumed that she wouldn't know about finances instead of asking her to help him so he was at fault here. Or was he? Did he grow up in a time when the father went to work and the mother stayed at home and wasn't interested in what the world was doing. That was the part that was wrong. There was no communication and they both made mistakes. But they made an effort to fix things. I have had to drag my self and family out of a very financial ruin and other issues. Where we have ended up isn't ideal but it is home and it is clean and dry and warm. We have food to eat and a family who love and support us. I understand the depression and anger and confusion that must have dragged them both down. I do not know how I would have coped if I had had to live in that awful house, I would have hated the dirt and cold, but she coped the best she could.
  2. Recipe share!

    I love hearing about favorite recipes.It would be great to hear if anyone tries them.