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  2. I went to Pie Camp offered by Kate McDermott and learned so much from her. Her writing is superb and her recipes Work! Every time. We interviewed Kate on our baking podcast, Preheated, if you want to take a listen, here's a link.
  3. The blueberry pie is a new favorite in my house! Here's my poorly latticed attempt. Still tasted wonderful!
  4. That image, Blue Bird, of the Lemon Meringue Pie is magnificent. This pie has always been one of my favorites!
  5. The title is intriguing. This book is just not about pies but, as I discovered, this book is about the spiritual, ancestral, and mindful aspects of pie making. I began to think about "the people behind me", my mother and my grandmother especially, who made pies. I have not checked out recipes yet. But, this book does inspire me to make a pie!
  6. Please enjoy pies on behalf those of us who cannot! I have a severe physical disability that impairs every aspect of my life being except my intellect and personality. Even though I can't move, hear, speak or even eat normally, I'm a tablet technology tables me to post messages and read voraciously! I'm curious. Which pies have the best taste and texture? Thanks!
  7. That's exactly what I was doing. Try the first pie crust recipe in this book. It's very easy, flaky, and tastes wonderful. I used a food processor to cut the cold fat into the flour, then finished with a fork and bowl. I'd never heard, before, that you don't have to get the fat cut into tiny pieces like coarse crumbs.
  8. I've always made pumpkin and pecan pies for Christmas and Thanksgiving, but in recent years, have used frozen pie crust. The greatest problem with this is that the crusts are so small they don't hold an entire batch of filling. I'm really excited to have a wonderful crust recipe.
  9. Immediately, I made the Quintessential Apple Pie. I'd never heard of using many different apple varieties in a pie. I went to the store & purchased 2 of every variety they had. It was absolutely wonderful!! The crust was so delicious and easy that I couldn't wait to try another one. Tonight, I made the chicken pot pie, but made it a double crust pie. My Grandchildren's favorite part are the "pie-dough cookies" I make with left-over crust. When I cut off the extra crust around the edges, I put it on a cookie sheet, spread it with butter or margarine, and sprinkle cinnamon & sugar on it, then bake for about 20 minutes. With the butter in the crust, these are incredible, and neither time have there been enough "cookies". So, my next batch of crust will all go onto the cookie sheet instead of a pie pan. I can't wait to try the Shaker Lemon, Rhubarb Custard, and Rum Pastry Cream! I want to make the Cranberry this fall when cranberries are available again.
  10. I have tried (and failed) to make my own crust. Now with this well written best friend type book I look forward to actually making a great pie. Probably for Easter! My book just arrived yesterday and I'm ready to start.
  11. In my family, the joke is that we always get birthday cake but my father would prefer birthday pie. He's always been the pie lover in the family, yet we never made pies! It wasn't until I moved out of the house that my mother started to bake pies again. That's when I learned all her pie "secrets". (most of which involved Americas Test Kitchen recipes)
  12. This is the same reason I chose to read this book! I have read the occasional cookbook cover to cover before, but this was a new experience. I liked all the personal touches.
  13. I love to cook and bake. I checked this book out on Pi day just out of curiosity and am so glad I did. there are so many new recipes I'd love to try!
  14. I am looking foreward to try the Apple and Cheddar Pie!
  15. Mostly pecan and pumpkin pies when I was growing up. I agree that a well made pie is a work of art!
  16. I had read a review and the book sounded interesting. I love cookbooks and the extra tips and stories caught my interest. Not to mention once I saw it, the cover and layout are attractive too.
  17. So many great pies to choose from! I can't wait to try the old fashioned rhubarb pie, then the peach, then.....
  18. Made 2 batches of pie crust this morning and will be making a Peach Berry Pie this evening. I also promised a Berry Pie to my High School Girls group. Thinking Troy will want a Blueberry Pie for his birthday April 3rd. After that I am limiting pies to two per month and special occasions!
  19. I agree, save the recipe's that look good to you. I am partial to the savory dinner pies. I made many of those types of pies while my children were growing up. Good way to hide vegy's in their food.
  20. Any kind of food making to me is a fun and happy time. Pies in particular are fun to make and as long as the crust turns out, it is really hard to mess up any recipe. I love pot pies, my children grew up on meat pies such as chicken, turkey or beef pot pies. Sometimes I made the crust homemade and sometimes I used bisquick or canned biscuits, the homemade crust was always the best. I meat pot pie is a good way to sneak vegetables into children's food and hardly any leftovers to worry about.
  21. I would much rather have pie then cake. I well made pie is a work of art and a party for the taste buds as well.
  22. I have pie for my birthday every year instead of cake. My birthday is in July so a pie makes sense😊
  23. I make pies at Indian Ladder Farms. I like to check out other recipes and methods, so this looked like a book I would enjoy. Maybe we'll add some new varieties at the farm!
  24. My dad's mom never had girls. Only sons. I decided as the firstborn grandchild that I would learn to make my grandma's pie crust for apple pie. She taught me and my best friend how to make apple pie from scratch. It is the recipe I still use today 30 years later. My mother and her mom also had a strong tradition for pie baking. The fruit to use is always fresh and follows the seasons. Apple fall through winter. Rhubarb in the spring and summer. Peach pie mid summer. Cherry pie late summer into fall. Pumpkin and Pecan for Thanksgiving. The odd cream pie anytime. I don't make pie as regularly as they did, but pie seems to be the special dessert of choice around here. Forget about birthday cake... everyone wants a birthday pie! My favorite to make is blueberry rhubarb (Blubarb). And I freeze the fruit so I can make it anytime of year.
  25. Savory hand pies to eat and go, and some berry pies in berry season. Made an Irish Pie day with corn beef and potatoes and peas, was yummy. I have some ideas for a Chicken Pot Pie maybe add some curry spice.So many pies......
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