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  3. I'm a sucker for great recipes! I could see from Kate's interview that she is passionate about what she does. Her book reflects her passion and deep commitment to making great pies. I'm renewing my love of cooking and baking and love the opportunity to share this with others.
  4. I gave it a try because of the Big Library read recommendation. I've never read a recipe book cover to cover before. I always assumed book groups read novels, so I was surprised at this choice but stuck with it. I enjoyed the autobiographical bits, it's like you really get to know Kate. The book is well written, it feels like a letter from an old friend, Kate comes across very warm and caring. I have also been inspired to bake!
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  6. I made the "you pick the seasoning" meat pie for dinner... And some sugar cinnamon pinwheels with the leftover crust. It was so good!
  7. I was initially attracted to the book because of the summary. But as I got reading Katie's advice I got lost as if I were reading a novel.
  8. Pie is a tradition on Thanksgiving for us. We make several varities, including pecan and pumpkin.
  9. Has anyone else listened to the "heart beat" of their pie? I heard it with my Sour Cherry Pie! This was something I had not heard or read about before Kate's book.
  10. Is pie one of your family traditions? What was the pie you grew up eating on special occasions? We grew up eating pecan and true mincemeat (made with venison) on Thanksgiving. Everyday pie was apple as we had apple trees on our farm.
  11. If you come up with vegetarian replacement I'd love to hear it as I to am a vegetarian
  12. I plan to try making it in my food processor next.
  13. I'll make them according to the recipe but any that calls for meat I'll also make a smaller version meatless for my vegetarian daughter. I might use tofu, beans, or a commercial "meat" product, depending on which I'll feel go best in a particular recipe.
  14. The Traditional English Pork Pie sounds amazing. My whole family would love it except for my vegetarian daughter, but I'll fill one for her with non meat ingredients.
  15. I was attracted do it because, well, it's about pie! My favorite of all the food groups. I've only ever made one recipe for my pie crusts and was happy to see all the wonderful varieties in the book. Can't wait to try them.
  16. The Nectarine Pie is calling my name. Nectarines are so fresh and I am curious to see how they taste in a delicious pie.
  17. I am the absolute WORST at making pie crust. I'm hoping to find a new technique that takes my pie making skills to the next level.
  18. Yes, there is plenty of time in 10 days to bake a pie! Your co-workers will love you.
  19. Adam is correct, this is the perfect book to get started baking pies with homemade crust. The narrative is easy and fun to read as Kate takes you through pies and life. Here's my finished pie - made from scratch crust just finishes it off to perfection!
  20. Hi Vlondhe- We do 3 Big Library Read programs each year and the next one will be this summer. My recommendation would be to borrow the book and save any recipes you'll want to bake in the future. Even if you don't plan to bake anything just yet, I'm sure you'll find loads of wonderful ideas for the future.
  21. When does the next book get posted. I just joined today (March 21). So although it is not too late, I don't think I will be baking a pie in the next 10 days.
  22. This is the perfect place to start! If you download Art of the Pie, you'll find Kate's pie recipe in the first few chapters!
  23. I would like to learn how to make my own pie crust. I make pies during holidays, but buy the crust.
  24. This looks incredible!
  25. I have made the Rhubarb pie with Blueberries, and yesterday the Lemon Meringue. I have to work on my impatience, as I should have let the filling cook more and then cool more before adding the meringue. It was delicious, but runny. I'd make it again right now but must wait for an occasion when there will be others around to help me eat it!
  26. I love the pie crust made with lard and butter, though I have cut back a little on each. I found that the butter melts on top of the crust and runs off. I just don't think it needs that much. I love it when I find a good source of lard locally. It's more precious than gold.
  27. I initially checked out this book for my hubby, Troy. He makes the best lemon icebox pie (his mother's recipe), but he wanted to try a home-made crust. I was a farm girl and we made everything from scratch so it wasn't too high on my list of "childhood pleasures" to renew. So, I spoke with my mother and sisters to see what recipe they used and we settled on my mother's recipe. Once we made crust from scratch there was no going back! I loved it and now it is a special pleasure for Troy & me. My 3 childhood pleasures that I have renewed in my "older" years are quilting, canning & home-made pie making. What are yours? BTW - Troy's lemon icebox pie was our "wedding cake" and each year on our anniversary there is sure to be one waiting in the "icebox".
  28. I feel the EXACT same way! I made a pumpkin pie with her crust this weekend and it's MARCH! Our diets may all be in trouble.
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